Surveillance courses

In surveillance duties, one has to exercise professionalism that includes a high level of covertness. It is through taking surveillance courses that a prospective agent attains the required skills and competency. These courses cover a wide array of subjects that seek to impact professional techniques that professionals require in their course of action.

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Planning, Briefing and Debriefing

One of the subjects that the course covers entails planning, briefing and debriefing. Surveillance calls for a high level tactic that enables an agent to gather the necessary information. Therefore, the job requires adequate planning in order to keep the cover in place. Communication is of essence during surveillance. One has to have an idea of what information to collect and how to send it to clients or organizations.

Night Surveillance

This exercise requires a high level of concealment and technological input. The course comes in handy in acquiring knowledge on the equipment to use, the position to take and efficiency during surveillance. One has to capture the information despite the cover of darkness, and that achievement does not come easy.

Public Transport surveillance

It is tough to maintain covert when one carries out surveillance in public transport. However, taking a course makes work easier. One becomes an expert in collecting information without raising curiosity among the public transport users.

Covert Photography and Video

It is always easy to notice a person who is taking photos or shooting a video. In surveillance, there is special equipment that maintains the secrecy. Taking a course about the exercise enables one to have information on how to carry out the exercise, while using the right equipment and positions.

Satellite video Tracking

This activity requires knowledge about technology. Through taking a course, one is able to acquire, fix and use the tracking equipment. Importantly, one becomes aware on how to fix the tracking units on vehicles and connecting them with the reporting base.

Static Surveillance

Sometimes people do not need to move the equipment during a surveillance exercise. It means that they have to hold a static position without blowing cover until they get the required information. It is not easy to carry out this exercise efficiently without undergoing a course on how to become an expert.

Evidence Gathering and Law

Surveillance services are required in evidence gathering and law exercises. Whilst the law applies to everyone, there is a need to carry out a covert exercise while gathering evidence in order to avoid infringing the rights of the subjects. Taking a course helps one to collect admissible evidence.

Advanced Foot and Mobile Surveillance

Sometimes one needs to shift places while carrying out surveillance. This move requires a high level of secrecy in order for one to remain concealed. It is hard to conduct such an exercise without being noticed, but a course on it helps one to become an expert.


Surveillance courses make it easy for one to collect credible and quality information. There are several institutions that specialize on any of the subjects that make the course. Additionally, the courses take different duration, but it depends on their level of technicality.